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What is ROBOCUT?

ROBOCUT is FANUC’s wire EDM machine. Electro-discharge machining is the go-to process for parts out of electrically conductive materials where intricate contours or cavities are required, particularly in hard metals or those that would be difficult to machine using conventional techniques such as milling, turning or grinding.

Why choose ROBOCUT?

With ROBOCUT you take a decision for a high level of reliability, cutting speed, surface finish and dimensional precision. Offering all-round, high-quality cutting performance in a multitude of applications, the new ROBOCUT α-CiC series will bring you genuine competitive gain. They are economical to run and provide a great return on investment.

Which models of ROBOCUT?

Depending on requirements, FANUC ROBOCUT α-CiC series comes with two model sizes: the ROBOCUT α-C400iC and ROBOCUT α-C600iC. Users can load workpieces with dimensions up to 1050 x 775 x 400 mm in the X, Y and Z axis respectively, with a maximum weight of 1000 kg.

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  • α-C400iC

    U-V-axes travel
    400 x 300 mm
    X-Y-axes travel
    120 x 120 mm
    Z-axis travel
    255 mm
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  • α-C600iC

    U-V-axes travel
    600 x 400 mm
    X-Y-axes travel
    200 x 200 mm
    Z-axis travel
    410 mm
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  • Automatic wire threading

    The unique AWF3 technology provides fast, reliable automatic threading in just 10 seconds under non-submerge condition . It allows automatic wire feeding up to 500 mm under submerge conditions depending on the machine configuration.

  • Easy maintenance

    FANUC iH Pro can highlight impending issues prior to failure, even providing a video or image that outlines how rectification can take place in-house to minimise downtime. Furthermore, the inclusion of a hardened workpiece table as standard, prevents any potential for scratches to develop.

  • Userfriendly operation

    Thanks to improvements in taper cutting performance and ease of adjustment the traditionally complex operation of setting and adjusting the wire taper is straightforward by using a basic jig guided by on-screen instructions.

  • High speed and high precision cutting

    FANUC’s discharge control iPulse3 ensures high performance of cutting by corner control and step shape control.

  • Designed for easy automation

    Easy robot access for loading heavier workpieces as well as an ergonomically designed work area ensure troublefree machine tending.

  • Great Reliability

    40 years of experience building wire EDM machines and passion for perfection results in high reliability. FANUC is very proud to produce high quality products that will work perfectly for a long time, supporting the customers to work effectively and to increase their productivity.

For which companies is a ROBOCUT suitable?

The ideal choice for your industry no matter what size

Job shoppers and mould makers industry

Automotive industry

Electrical and IT parts industry

Medical industry

Aerospace industry

Factory automation is part of FANUC's DNA

We have installed over 33,000 ROBOCUTs worldwide in companies of all sizes!

60 years of experience in automation
271 offices supporting 109 countries
Support throughout the product's life
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